Dungeons and Dragons to Launch Stranger Things Starter Set in May

Hasbro announced today that Dungeons and Dragons would be launching a new starter set based on the popular Netflix show, Stranger Things. It makes sense, too, since Stranger Things and its 80s setting heavily references the game and is, perhaps, what introduced some players to the game in the first place.

In the show, a kid by the name of Mike Wheeler runs a game for four other heroes. This starting set is meant to emulate that and players will be able to take on roles like “Will the Wise” and “Dustin the Dwarf.” Fans of the show might also be expecting a Demogorgon to make an appearance at this point. Spoiler: it does.

The full set, which is due out on May 1, 2019, will retail for $24.99 and include an exclusive Stranger Things Adventure book, a rulebook, 5 character sheets based on the shot, 6 dice, and a paintable demogorgon figure.

Jack LeRogue

Jack LeRogue has worked in the video game industry for a long while. He's also a pretty big fan of writing decent short fiction, terrible poetry, and interesting adventure modules for Dungeons and Dragons. He lives with his best friend, a cat named Butchie. His wife also lives with them. He loves them both very much. No worries, though. There's some love left over for you and he, who is speaking in the third person, will gladly become one of your best friends on Twitter. I won't even ignore you if I get big and famous. BFF is my default mode of existence for those who will have me.

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